How Much Is A Pasadena, CA Wrongful Death Attorney Worth?

Is that question in bad taste? What if you or someone you know or love is faced with the decision to hire an attorney to prepare a wrongful death lawsuit or to navigate the California legal system, warts and all, on your own.

Generally, a wrongful death is defined as: the death of another human directly or indirectly caused by the wrongful act of another person. These acts include, but are not necessarily limited to: negligence, attacks/assaults, a fatality caused in the course of another crime, vehicle accidents resulting in fatalities, etc.

Coping with the death of a loved one isn’t easy for anyone. If you add the fact the fatality was caused by someone’s negligence or an intentional act, the grief can only deepen. If the victim was the sole or primary provider for a family, the situation deteriorates even farther (if that is even possible).

A fatal accident is undoubtedly a tragedy and a wrongful death suit brought by survivors is one way for many families to recover losses suffered as a result of the tragedy. However, hiring a Pasadena, CA wrongful death attorney and pursing a wrongful death suit may not be the right choice for everyone.

The basic question for anyone facing this horrible decision becomes: Can a Pasadena, CA wrongful death attorney get my family more money? Assuming the wrongful death suit has merit, the answer is almost always yes.

By hiring a Pasadena, CA wrongful death attorney the family practically assures itself of a significantly higher dollar award in a successful suit than would be offered by an insurance company in a settlement. Many times the insurance company will offer a higher settlement dollar figure to families represented by a Pasadena, CA wrongful death attorney in the hopes of avoiding a court case.

If a wrongful death case is pursued, not using an attorney is a quick path to failure. The insurance companies pay their lawyers a lot of money to represent them. A family would be well advised to fight fire with fire, attorney with attorney. With a system as lawyer-centric as the one in California it would be no contest should a family choose to go it alone.

Back to the title question: How much is a Pasadena, CA wrongful death attorney worth? The simple answer is a competent attorney is worth a significant amount of money to the survivors of a wrongful death. In fact, the wrongful death attorney is the only reasonable path for surviving family members to receive any financial compensation for their loss.

Some readers probably noticed this article is missing one simple word. An omission that hopefully shines a light on how perversely monetized our society has become. Not once was the word justice mentioned. Did you notice?

Will An Injury Attorney Be Able To Cover My Medical Bills

When you are in an accident, one of your primary concerns is how to pay your medical bills. A judge may pass a verdict that requires a defendant to pay for damages, including your medical bills, but that comes later. You are responsible for your medical bills as they come in, before a settlement is reached with the defendant.

Some states are “no fault” states, which means that your car insurance will pay some of your medical bills, no matter who is found to be at fault. Once you reach the limit that your insurance is required to pay, however, you once again become responsible for any remaining bills. The limit varies from state to state, but is usually no more than $10,000.

Even if you live in a state that is not a “no fault” state, your insurance can pay some of your bills. Of course, they will only cover them if you have opted in for your insurance company’s medical payment insurance. And, like “no fault” states, once you reach the limit of your coverage, responsibility for payment defers back to you.

Other types of accidents, such as boating accidents or premises liability, you will most likely be the one responsible for your medical bills. In a work-related injury, you should never have to pay any of your medical bills as your employer is responsible.

If you are not getting the money to cover your medical bills, either from insurance or your employer, an injury lawyer should be able to get the money for you. An injury lawyer will also be able to plead your case before a judge to show that you are not at fault for an accident. Should the judge rule in your favor and award a settlement, an injury lawyer may have an agreement with the medical providers who treated you. This agreement would state that you were given treatment without payment on the condition that the injury lawyer uses the settlement money to pay your medical bills before giving you any money.

Even if one of these agreements is in place, you should make sure that you see a copy of the settlement check before any money is deposited and come to an agreement with your injury lawyer about how the money will be used. The check will often have your name on it as well as your lawyer’s, so you will have to endorse the check before it can be used anyways.

In addition to a copy of the original settlement check, you should also ask for copies of any checks that your lawyer writes using the settlement money. These checks should add up to the total settlement amount, and should include any medical expenses that need to be paid.

A Personal Injury Attorney In Pasadena, California Can Be Your Advocate!

Being injured is a very frightening situation. You are in pain, cannot provide for yourself and feel hopeless. Could a personal injury attorney in Pasadena, CA help you? What do you have to lose in the scheme of things? You may have been injured, but that doesn’t mean your life is over. Take control of your future! Call a personal injury attorney in Pasadena, CA immediately.

Whether you have been injured at home or at work, your life is forever changed. You feel like a number, being asked questions by total strangers. Your injuries can go from minor to life altering. What you do not know is how long your life will be affected by this incident. You have to take a step in the right direction. Contact a personal injury attorney in Pasadena, CA. Your injuries can mean a week or two off your feet, or years. Who will provide for your family? Without the right advice and council, you could be headed for disaster. Make your family and your future a priority, and get solid advice. The dream team from a law firm in Pasadena, California can help you immensely.

Did you get harmed by another’s poor choices or faulty merchandise? What in the end does that matter? You need a steady flow of income to move forward. Maybe you should take a settlement offer as soon as it comes around? Do you wait out time and see what happens? Your life should not be in an insurance companies had. Your doctors and specialist know what is best for you. If you go back to work at an early date, you may cause more injury. Only your team can make a group decision that is best. Get the best opinions, information and outlooks on your individual case. A personal injury attorney in Pasadena, CA can be a great team member.

How will you hire an attorney, if you have no money? You can hire an attorney on a contingency basis. This means that your attorney does not get paid unless you win a settlement. A settlement could take days or even years. You want someone who will look out for you and be your best advocate. Get a law firm who cares about more than a paycheck, get a law firm from Pasadena, California. Whether your case can be won or not, it deserves to be heard.

Have your doctor and team of specialists know what you are up against. They can have you fill out paperwork allowing everyone on your team to speak to each other. Everyone can be aware of all the information, there will be no surprises. Surprises are for birthday’s not for long term care. Contact a personal injury attorney in Pasadena, CA to get the best advice for your future.

4 Reasons A Pasadena, CA Car Accident Attorney Should Be Called

A Pasadena, CA car accident attorney should be called as soon as you’ve been involved in a car accident. An experienced attorney can serve as the difference between receiving the proper settlement and going home completely empty handed. Read on for a list of the major four reasons why a Pasadena, CA car accident needs to be called.

1. High Level Of Experience

When you call a Pasadena, CA car accident attorney, you receive access to a top notch legal mind, one who has already dealt with cases just like yours in the past and have a foolproof strategy for winning settlements that their clients can be pleased with.

When you are making an investment of this magnitude, you want to be certain that you are getting the most possible bang for your buck. No matter how many questions you have, they are able to answer them and guide through all of the various legal machinations that you will be forced to deal with as your case progresses.

2. Strong Working Relationship With Judge

One of the reasons you spend the big bucks on a Pasadena, CA car accident attorney is so that you can utilize their good working relationship with the judge and/or prosecution. A judge is much more likely to see your side of things when you have a quality car accident attorney in your corner.

A judge typically takes a client far more seriously when they’ve retained a lawyer. It signals that they are treating their case with the gravity that it deserves and goes a long way toward presenting your case in the most favorable light.

3. Expectation Management

Expectation management goes both ways. A client may not believe that their case entitles them to any settlement at all or they could have an unrealistic view, believing that they are due hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What a Pasadena, CA car accident attorney brings to the table is the experience to know exactly what you are entitled to. An exact dollar amount may be difficult to determine at the outset of your legal proceedings, but they can give you a ballpark region of figures to expect, so that you do not end up shocked one way or the other.

4. Insurance Companies Must Negotiate In Good Faith

When an insurance claims representative sees that a car accident victim has not bothered to retain an attorney, they begin to lick their chops. It becomes significantly easier for them to act as though they are your friends and sweet talk you into accepting a substandard settlement.

A Pasadena, CA car accident attorney forces them to negotiate in good faith and will take over this aspect of the case for you. The presence of a quality attorney will have immediate effects on the settlement amounts you are being offered.

Why Criminal Defense Lawyers Need To Understand Everything

Everyone facing serious legal penalties or prison time, should want only the best criminal defense lawyers representing them. Hefty criminal penalties calls for heavyweight defense tactics.

Simply put, no matter what a person’s IQ is or how cunning they may be, they will never understand how to put on a great defense as good as criminal defense lawyers do. The old adage that ‘he who represents himself in court has a fool for a lawyer’, is one of the most absolute truths ever uttered.

No criminal case will be exactly like any other. These criminal defense lawyers have been well trained and are highly qualified to spot the special parts of every case that makes them unique. They can perceive the best points of argument to present and the factors that may mitigate or actually even negate nearly any potential crime. They are a necessity in this court-driven society we live in today.

Why They Must Know EVERYTHING:

The answer to this question is simple. The more they know the better equipped they are to build a successful case on behalf of their clients. They are not judges, so the good or bad of what they know is irrelevant to them, except in regard to building just the right case . The facts are the ingredients of the case. If something is held back, it can come back to bite them later, because it was not part of the mix when the case was built.

These lawyers know how to build cases and need to know ‘everything’ in order to represent clients to the best of their ability. Omissions from an attorney can be damaging to the client. If the prosecutor comes up with even ‘one’ fact that were withheld from the defense attorney, it could mean prison and fines for the client. It could throw the whole case.

It is really hard for a lot of people to trust criminal defense lawyers with intimate knowledge of a crime. They worry about admitting their guilt to anyone within the legal system. Some are afraid it might sabotage their defense and make things even harder on them.

They need to know that these attorneys are deeply committed and dedicated to winning cases, and not just theirs, but as many as humanly possible. Their reputations are on the line every time they take a case. They would never jeopardize their careers and livelihood by saying things ‘out of school’. They understand the seriousness of the consequences for breaching client/attorney privilege.


There are some criminal defense lawyers who, in special cases, will let you know upfront that they DO NOT want you to tell them everything. They only want to know the same as the prosecution does. Some actually ‘assume’ that every client they defend is ‘guilty’ because it helps them evaluate their cases more critically. When these exceptions are needed, these attorneys will let their potential clients know ahead of time where they stand and what they need to know.